Health & Wellness Course Content

Enjoyment of life to the fullest is the right of every person that walks the earth.  There can be no separation of body and mind.  This enjoyment is not predicated upon wealth, education, youth, old age, and any other classes and level of society in which we live.  The physical well-being and mental state of mind, when viewed in juxtaposition, are very close to being equal to each other.  However, the psychological environment of the person may very well be the determining factor in said enjoyment of life. This psychological environment must be addressed in our coaching sessions with the understanding that we are not offering therapy nor counseling and therefor our sessions are not therapeutic in nature from the coach’s vantage point, but are, in all probability, therapeutic from the client’s vantage point.  This consideration is inescapable as we do not coach in a vacuum but on the contrary work with the mind of the client to motivate and stimulate self-discovery, and self-action in pursuit of a healthy and well lifestyle.  We are ever-changing and each new day affords us the opportunity to create a new person in our life’s journey.

  1. Identify The Health & Wellness Needs Of The Client
  2. Client’s Self-Prepared List Of Physical Aspects
  3. Client’s Self-Prepared List Of Mental State of Being
  4. Client’s Vision For Health & Wellness
  5. Coach’s Evaluation Of Client’s Submitted Thoughts
  6. Coach’s Evaluation Of Client’s Readiness For Change
  7. Evaluating Stages of Client Change
  8. Coach Preparation of Coaching Plan
  9. Client’s Setting Of Specific Health & Wellness Goals
  10. Coach – Client Agreement On Client’s Goals
  11. Instilling Motivational Triggers In Client
  12. Step By Step Actions Doing As A Result of Talking
  13. Fortifying Affirmations Each Session
  14. Coach’s Evaluation Of Results Of Coaching Experience
  15. Client’s Comments & Testimonial

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Weight Course Content:  Weight Is Personally Unique

Our program is personally unique as each client has unique and individual goals & needs, and individual causes, reasons and triggers for improper eating habits. Each aspect of this weight coaching program is specifically designed to address all the client’s personal goals & needs.  We must identity the issues and challenges that our clients are struggling with, such as desires for sweet and salty foods and overeating as a result of past happenings, or present stressful issues, anxiety or boredom.  We coach in the real world because our clients exist in the real world.  We do not offer therapy or counseling but we utilize our knowledge and understanding of the conscious & subconscious thoughts, actions and reactions of our clients. This approach promotes successful coaching results whereby the coach & coachee are both extremely happy with the coaching experiences. It is our belief that only a truly comprehensive weight management program can lead to permanent and lasting results. Permanence is what we seek rather than dieting leading to the infamous ‘yo-yo effect’.  Simply put, permanence is exactly what we offer our clientele.

This a specialized coaching course encompassing all of the experiences of Anthony De Marco who had developed a hypnosis course based upon his addiction specialization.  There are 110 hypnotists throughout the world, utilizing his imaginary gastric band surgery program for weight management.  You may visit to review the extensive nature of that course.

This introduction is necessary to describe to you the thoroughness of Dr. De Marco in utilizing his experiences to develop a weight coaching course to be used in the waking state with the client (coachee).  He has taken the sections of his program that easily integrate into coaching scenarios.  Right from the outset, you have been advised that the programs of the Coaching Certification Institute constitute coaching & beyond!


  • The workings of the conscious mind vs. the subconscious mind
  • Addictive weight aspects addressed
  • Identify all eating issues
  • Setting reasonable weight goals
  • Identify stressors
  • Identify eating triggers
  • Eliminate cravings urges, needs, and desires to overeat, snack, junk food, etc.
  • Eliminate negative thinking
  • Accentuate positive thinking
  • Enhance self-esteem
  • Enhance inner & outer images
  • Set short & long term weight goals
  • Replace old image with new image
  • Future Progression
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Specific Weight Affirmations
  • Self-Esteem Affirmations
  • All forms relevant to weight coaching

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Relationship Course Content

This coaching course is based upon Dr. De Marco’s work with singles and couples, and in presenting workshops on love, sensuality and relationships throughout the United States to coaches, therapists and counselors for many years. He has also presented his relationship approaches and concepts to other types of professionals that have gathered from the four corners of the world.  In one particular convention at which 10,000+ Telegu Indian professionals attended, he presented his Relationship Workshop to 400 attendees.  It was the largest room in the hotel and Dr. De Marco was presented an Award from the Minister of Economics of India for his participation in this event.

Now is the time to realize that men and women are not only physically different but different in the way that they put meanings on the spoken word. And, the reasons for this difference date back thousands of years.  This Relationship Course will provide insights into thought processes, meanings, and interpretations of women and men in an effort to create a better understanding between not only singles but also couples.  We are striving for harmony in our lives and today is the day to enter the path toward that harmony.  We must also recognize that stress is a part of life.  Stressors come at us and our coaching clients many times during the day and night from all different directions, at home, at work, and yes even at play.  The person who processes that stress properly is the person that pursues life with more joy, happiness, strength and health.  Dr. De Marco shall give you tools to use whenever stressors attack.

  • The communication differences between men and women
  • Working with singles
  • Working with couples
  • Resolution of relationship issues
  • Administering Sensuality Testing, if applicable
  • Administering Sexuality Testing, if applicable
  • The ways in which women cope with stress
  • The ways in which men cope with stress
  • Completion of forms to promote the coaching experience
  • To set relationship goals
  • To mark milestones of progress
  • To work with their Active Imagination
  • To conduct a ‘Dialogue’ with an individual
  • To conduct a ‘Dialogue’ with the ‘relationship itself’
  • Learn the romantic myth of ‘Psyche & Eros”

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Business Coach Course Content:

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