Relationship Course Content

This coaching course is based upon Dr. De Marco’s work with singles and couples, and in presenting workshops on love, sensuality and relationships throughout the United States to coaches, therapists and counselors for many years. He has also presented his relationship approaches and concepts to other types of professionals that have gathered from the four corners of the world. In one particular convention at which 10,000+ Telegu Indian professionals attended, he presented his Relationship Workshop to 400 attendees. It was the largest room in the hotel and Dr. De Marco was presented an Award from the Minister of Economics of India for his participation in this event.

Now is the time to realize that men and women are not only physically different but different in the way that they put meanings on the spoken word. And, the reasons for this difference date back thousands of years. This Relationship Course will provide insights into thought processes, meanings, and interpretations of women and men in an effort to create a better understanding between not only singles but also couples. We are striving for harmony in our lives and today is the day to enter the path toward that harmony. We must also recognize that stress is a part of life. Stressors come at us and our coaching clients many times during the day and night from all different directions, at home, at work, and yes even at play. The person who processes that stress properly is the person that pursues life with more joy, happiness, strength and health. Dr. De Marco shall give you tools to use whenever stressors attack.

  • The communication differences between men and women
  • Working with singles
  • Working with couples
  • Resolution of relationship issues
  • Administering Sensuality Testing, if applicable
  • Administering Sexuality Testing, if applicable
  • The ways in which women cope with stress
  • The ways in which men cope with stress
  • Completion of forms to promote the coaching experience
  • To set relationship goals
  • To mark milestones of progress
  • To work with their Active Imagination
  • To conduct a ‘Dialogue’ with an individual
  • To conduct a ‘Dialogue’ with the ‘relationship itself’
  • Learn the romantic myth of ‘Psyche & Eros”

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