COACHING & BEYOND: Our Unique Approach to Career Coaching Instruction

Life is not truly lived by playing ‘follow the leader’ as each individual is unique in that not all of their needs are the same therefore any modality that does not take into consideration the history and uniqueness of the individual runs the risk of failure in its coaching plan, or incomplete results, or only temporary instead of permanent change and growth in order to enjoy life to the fullest.

Coaching is not therapy nor counseling, however clients may have past happenings which created negative emotions and feelings which usually create blocks to change, success, accomplishment, creativity and life fulfillment. Our coaching certification addresses those emotional blocks, if warranted, so that present and future coaching is successful and permanent. You are urged to review other popular life coaching offerings on the internet and after reviewing same, you probably will come to the conclusion that they are really similar to each other, and seem to be cut from the same cloth. Coaching is a relatively new empowerment modality as it’s only come into existence approximately 25 years ago. It is undeniable that every helping/healing modality is constantly evolving into a state of elevation with noticeable similarities and differences resulting from the personal opinions of practitioners, such as with coaches and coaching educators, as we are all unique individuals as stated earlier. We bring our own thoughts, experiences, backgrounds and disciplines into our coaching realm which impacts the coaching approaches and plans among the coaching community, which are several thereby affording an opportunity to draw upon multiple approaches that best fit the coach’s structures of his or her own coaching plans. You are asked to review the highlights of their curricula so that you may compare them to the highlights in our Life Coach and Specialty & Niche Coach training programs. Hopefully you will recognize the uniqueness of our programs in that they go ‘beyond’ the core competencies into rewarding territories that enhance all coaching of every kind, and empowers and strengthens every client (coachee). The student-coach gains invaluable confidence and experience in working in a classroom setting with other student-coaches. Upon completion the graduate coach is prepared to begin a coaching career.

Socrates believed that every human has the answers to every question inside of them and that they must be taught to find, retrieve and utilize them of themselves. This is the meaning of ‘educate’ from the Latin verb ‘educare’ which translates into the ‘drawing out or leading out of’. Thus, the Socratic Method: the method of instruction by question and answer used by Socrates in order to elicit from his pupils truths he considered to be implicitly known by all rational beings. Nothing is new since Socrates. He actually ‘coached’ his pupils! We coach our clients to draw out of their selves their strengths, powers, answers and paths. This may very well be a definition of coaching. All foundational elements are met in our Life Coach Program with extensive enhancement through the personal techniques of the author to bring the client into an excellent, receptive, productive, and successful coaching state of being.