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Enjoyment of life to the fullest is the right of every person that walks the earth. There can be no separation of body and mind. This enjoyment is not predicated upon wealth, education, youth, old age, and any other classes and level of society in which we live. The physical well-being and mental state of mind, when viewed in juxtaposition, are very close to being equal to each other. However, the psychological environment of the person may very well be the determining factor in said enjoyment of life. This psychological environment must be addressed in our coaching sessions with the understanding that we are not offering therapy nor counseling and therefor our sessions are not therapeutic in nature from the coach’s vantage point, but are, in all probability, therapeutic from the client’s vantage point. This consideration is inescapable as we do not coach in a vacuum but on the contrary work with the mind of the client to motivate and stimulate self-discovery, and self-action in pursuit of a healthy and well lifestyle. We are ever-changing and each new day affords us the opportunity to create a new person in our life’s journey.

  1. Identify The Health & Wellness Needs Of The Client
  2. Client’s Self-Prepared List Of Physical Aspects
  3. Client’s Self-Prepared List Of Mental State of Being
  4. Client’s Vision For Health & Wellness
  5. Coach’s Evaluation Of Client’s Submitted Thoughts
  6. Coach’s Evaluation Of Client’s Readiness For Change
  7. Evaluating Stages of Client Change
  8. Coach Preparation of Coaching Plan
  9. Client’s Setting Of Specific Health & Wellness Goals
  10. Coach – Client Agreement On Client’s Goals
  11. Instilling Motivational Triggers In Client
  12. Step By Step Actions Doing As A Result of Talking
  13. Fortifying Affirmations Each Session
  14. Coach’s Evaluation Of Results Of Coaching Experience
  15. Client’s Comments & Testimonial

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Instructor: Dr. Cengiz Yucel

Dr. Cengiz Yucel
Dr. Cengiz Yucel is a Graduate of University of Medicine And Dentistry New Jersey Medical School UMDNJ, Department Of Pediatric Medicine and Residency Program and an Attending Physician in Pediatrics at Hackensack University Medical Center, one of the best hospitals in New Jersey and in the country. He is also a graduate of one of the Leading Medical Schools in his home country and has an extensive practice experience in the field in Primary Care for all ages, General Medicine and Primary Care in Family Medicine and Pediatric Medicine. After a life threatening, life changing health problem of a loved one in his family 14 years ago, he developed a genuine interest in Pediatric Medicine, Complementary, Integrative Whole and Natural Medicine and his perception about medicine was dramatically changed. He has decided to serve and guide young patients, parents by promoting all aspects of healthier living and better Medicine with his compassionate and heartfelt care.

An enhanced understanding, natural, complementary, integrating pediatric healthcare perspective and an approach to the conventional classical and whole pediatric care and treatments for feeling better, living better for healthy new generations. Recommendations and guidance for nutrition to enhance the body’s own natural healing and wellness for infants, children and adolescents. Patient and parent education for avoiding toxins, chemicals, artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives in food, avoiding exposure to toxins such as pesticides, plastics and plastic sourced chemicals, air pollutants, indoor air quality, second hand smoking and water pureness, avoiding exposure to heavy metals to prevent illness. Compassionate and individualized care, partnering with parents to bring the best options from classical traditional pediatrics with integrative and new age complementary, holistic medicine.

Dr. Yucel is also a graduate of the Academy of Professional Hypnosis, the first School of Hypnosis (1991) to be approved by New Jersey Department of Education and the New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development. He is also a licensee of the trademarked Thinner Band Hypnosis which is and ‘Imaginary Gastric Band Surgery Program’ to avoid actual surgery.